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Machine Operator for Short Cycle Press

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Position description

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Machine Operator for Short Cycle Press

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Main duties and responsibilities

The primary purpose of the Machine Operator's position is to perform all assigned tasks, including but not limited to, the safe, efficient operation of all Bonding line equipment; presses, saws and all associated equipment. Additionally, the operator will be required to perform routine maintenance and cleaning on all machinery and workspaces in the assigned area of responsibility. The operator will be required to understand and manipulate computer software related to the operation of the production line. The operator will be required to identify conditions, which may lead to substandard quality or up time and initiate the proper corrective action. Further duties may include assisting maintenance personnel and other machine operators, when requested, in the troubleshooting, repair, or preventive maintenance of equipment in order to support continuous operations on the production line.


• High School Diploma or GED
• Ability to communicate with team members, supervisors and leadership regarding daily production
• Ability to set up, operate, troubleshoot and adjust presses or saws as well as other equipment, including a forklift, throughout the plant
• Ability to utilize computer programs to input, monitor, research and track orders according to customer requirements
• Ability to identify root cause of issues during production and document issue(s) the follow up on issues assigned to this position until completion
• Ability to assist with the installation of all new equipment, components, and systems, or the improvement of existing equipment, components and systems as required
• Ability to perform general preventative maintenance procedures as scheduled or directed
• Ability to inspect, monitor and maintain a high level of accuracy and quality of incoming, stored, staged and produced material for production by visually and manually inspecting all material to meet established quality expectations
• Ability to work closely with all team members, supervisors and leadership to identify, report and correct existing or potential quality issues, productivity improvements, or cost reduction initiatives
• Ability to comply with safety expectations including wearing PPE at all times, safety belts while operating a forklift. and performing routine safety inspections of area assigned
• Ability to work closely with all team members, supervisors, and leadership to identify, report and correct existing or potential safety hazards
• Excellent attendance record

Additional information

This position is required to work a 12 hour rotating shift